Rejoice in Hope: The Legend of So Kam-mui​

So Kam-mui, winner of Hong Kong Humanity Award in 2011, has worked as a volunteer for more than forty years. She is also called “the Angel in a Wheelchair”. When she was fifteen (1967), she was paralyzed on the lower limbs because of an accident. She had undergone more than ten painful operations. However, her strong will for life was not diminished. On the contrary, she treasured life even more and devoted her life to voluntary humanitarian work. She uses her own experience to help and care about people who are wounded or sick and also help their families so that all of them can receive help and comfort and take a positive attitude towards life.


This book is a life story compiled by So Kammui and more than a hundred writers. When you enter their truthful dialogues, you will deeply feel that “influence life with life” is no longer just a slogan, but a lively demonstration. It can inspire readers to find more wonderful legends in life and look at the bright side of human nature. This book not only can be used as teaching material for life education in schools, but also can be an encouragement to people when they are despaired and helpless.



Kam-mui is a true life warrior and an “Angel in a Wheelchair.” When facing difficulties,some people choose to give up, while others persevere. If you are feeling down at thismoment, please read this book and learn how Kam-mui goes through her life, even at the most difficult time, she can overcome her limitations by working hard. She fears not the worst challenges, and her spirit continues to challenge the ultimate limit. Her life is so touching that it inspires all of us. She wins tremendous respect by the way she lives her life.

--Dr. Ko Wing-man

Former Secretary for Food and Health Bureau of Hong Kong


This is a collection of articles witnessed Kam-mui’s story. Written by different people vividly paint the stories of Kam-mui, a reborn heroine, these stories are like beautiful rainbows in a dark night. From the life stories of Kam-mui, we understand what it means in the Bible: “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.” By comparing one’s life with Kam-mui, the readers can understand how valuable for one to have good health and it is a blessing to be able to lead a normal life.

--Dr. Tsui Wing-yiu

Headmaster of S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School

|  Contents |


Foreword by Dr. Ko Wing-man

From Limitedness to Unlimited Possibilities 


Foreword by Dr. Tsui Wing-yiu

Rainbow in the Dark Night 


Introduction: My Virtuous Story 


The Power of Gratitude

So Kam-mui: An Autobiography 

Sharing: Homemade Nourishing Foods by Kam-mui 


Let Your Life Speak

The Power of Gratitude / So Kam-mui 

A Slice of Life / Li Kam-mui 

Resoluteness / Leung Chung-kan 

The “Princess” at Kowloon Hospital / Li Kwun-hung 

Invisible Wings / Or Shun-kwan 

To Appreciate a Cherished Friendship / Ma Yuk-ching 

Chatting with an Old Friend / Poon Shi-ching 

The Angel Surrounding Us! / Chau Heung-yeung 

A Rare Creature—“Yan Feixiang” (Flying Swallow) / Wong Wai-kwan’s Sister 

A Life Re-written / Lau Ching-yeung 

Thank You for Listening to Me / Yeung Pui-ying 

Fly, Wheelchair Angel, Fly / Shing Lai-mei 

Supporting You, Supporting Me / Yeung Hai-keung 

Because of Love, We Embrace / Apple 

A Lady of Reliability / Li Shuk-ting 

You Changed My Life / Cousin Man 

Take Me to Explore and Learn / Tsui Pik-lin 

A Life Relived Again / Cheung Chung-man and His Wife 

My Aunt / So Yee-lam 

My Good Neighbor / Madam Au 

To Light Up Others by Burning Oneself / Tang Ting-wai 

The Path Life Must Take: From Bitterness to Happiness / Madam Wya-yan 

The Regeneration Warrior Kam-mui / Dr. Clarence Chou Wing-fu 

My Respectful Aunt / Wong Chui-ka 

Witty Problem Solved with Love / Ah Foon 

Heartfulness and Mindfulness / Wong Yue-yam 

My Like-minded Friend / Wong Yue-lin 

To Understand Is to Have a Similar Heart / Wong Kit-sum 

An Incredible Life on an Electrical Wheelchair / Woo King-lok 

Destiny Made Us Good Friends / Chu Ming and Chu Wong Kwai-ling 

Healing Hands and Healing Hearts / Dr. Ho Lap-yin 

Practicing True Love / Ma Mei-ching 

Inspiring Hong Kong with Truthful Heart / Junius Ho Kwan-yiu 

Never Give Up and Firmly Believe / Ng How-fa 

Assiduousness Inspired All / Ng Wing- Kei 

Cooking with Love / Li Kin-ho 

From Indoors to Outdoors / To Hing-kuen 

Selflessness to Possibilities / Chu Hon-pong 

Citizens of Heaven, Love God and Love Others / To Lai-sim 

Live as a Legend—Salutation to Madam So Kam-mui / Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok 

Loving Others Empathetically / Chau Chor-wan 

Forty Years of Friendship / Uncle John 

Bright Eyes with Brighter Heart / Woo Pik 

Beautiful Daughter of Mother Earth / Dr. Yung Shau-hung 

Hong Kong Loving Hearts / Frankie Choi Kwok-wai and Kiwi Yuen Kit-yee 

Encounter Kindness and Friendships / Arthur Cheung Kam-chuen 

Good Intention and Kind Heart / Chong Pak-kong 

She Is Our Role Model / Chong Sim-shan 

Seek Faith Honestly, All Burdens Become Light / Chan Si-ming 

Wipe Away Tears and Move Forward / Chan Wai-fong 

The Unconditional Love / Chan Liu Choi-ling 

The Unwavering Faith / Chan Bo-yin 

Flame Radiates from the Heart / Mak Yan-kit 

What I Know about God’s Angel Kam-mui / Dr. Stephen Foo Kam-so 

The Good Old Friendship Treasured Forever / Pang Ching-sin 

Talk That Touches Both Heart and Soul / Tsang Yuan-ching 

The Plowshare That Opens Up All Hearts—Touched by

the Diligence of Kam-mui / Frederick Fung Kin-kee 

A Wonderful Arrangement by the Heavenly Father / Lam How-sum 

A Soul with an Empathetic Heart / Fung Lai-ying 

Burning Our Lives, Brightening Up Others / Dr. Martin Wong Chi-sang 

Female Warrior in a Wheelchair / Cheung Hai-ling 

Earning My Own Living, Caring for Myself

over My Allotted Life Span / Wong Kwong 

Wonderful Fate / Ip Miu-yin 

An Admirable Good Friend / Lau Yu-ying 

What’s the Force Behind Madam So Kam-mui

to Live Her Own Way? / Lau Sau-shun 

Belief / Kwong Wai-chu 

Working under the Same Sky / Lau Wai-kwan 

Three Revelations I Learned

from So Kam-mui’s Life / Chan Chun-wan 

The Physically Disabled Athlete / Chiang Tak-cheung, Silas 

Discerning Eyes Can Tell Greatness from Mediocrity / Cheng Suet-wah 

Abundant Love / So Yuk-mui 

Selfless Contributions / Cheng Wai-ping 

Empathetic Volunteer / Lai Ying-ying and Lau Chui-ping 

Empathetic and Heart Touching Story / Lai Pak-yu 

There’s No Snow Storm across Our Path If We Live

with Self-contentment / Lai Kam-fai and Chan Wai-ching 

Don’t Be a “Kong Tung” / Chan Chun-lok 

Long Term Friendship Began in Healing / Dr. Lam Sim-fook 

A Mere Coincidence? Destiny? God’s Plan? / Leung Yat-lun 

God Sent / Kuk Ming-cheong 

My Salutes to Kam-mui / Kwan Kwok-lok 

Compassionate in Charities, Empathetic in Helping Others / Kung Kwok-sum 

The Story Behind the Book Cover / Mr. Dolphin Thomas, Tue Chi-wing 

So Kam-mui, My Great Aunt / Wong Yuan-an 

Relive a Complete Life after Flames / Dr. Chan Wai-hee, Steve 

Never Give-Up / Betty 

An Angel in a Wheelchair / Candy Chea Shuk-mui 

Angel of Perseverance and Optimism / Nurse Blackmur 

A True Warrior / Li Chi-hung 

Style of Living / Tsang Chi-wai and Dr. Doris Law 

Strangers Becoming Friends / Lai Yim-ping, Cheung Chi-kong, and Cheung Yin-ha 

Three Thankful Hearts / Welldia, Edif, and Henna 

A Loyal Servant and a Brave Warrior / Faith Chan 

Love Reading Campaign / Ho Sheung-man 

Standing Together through Wind or Rain / Chan Tse-kin 

Contemporary Artist / Suzanne Ajamian 

Beautiful Berry amongst Thistles and Thorns / Thornberry 

My Heartfelt Gratitude / So Kam-mui 

Fly Like a Bird—Faifai’s Song for Kam-mui / Rupert Man Yu-fai 



Author:Narrated by So Kam-mui; Edited by Tsui Wing-yiu, Wong Yue-lin, Wong Kwai-ling
Publisher:Inpress (2019-09)


Passion in Press
276 pp